Outdoor Lighting

Your specialist for outdoor signs and lighting

Servicing all types of billboards, wallscapes, signs, and any other outdoor lighting needs you may have. New builds or custom projects welcome. We work closely with industry specific vendors and specialists to get the most competitive prices nationwide.


Dunning Electrical Services Inc. has a dedicated specialist to repair and maintain each of the following:

  • Billboards
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Lighted walls
  • Awnings
  • General outdoor lighting needs

Parking Lots

Parking lots need light at night for safety and convenience. Upgrade your lighting system to save on maintenance and energy for years to come. 




Billboards require bright lights at night to get noticed! Make sure your ads outshine the competition with a proper lighting system designed by Dunning Electrical Services Inc.


Cities need light to illuminate their streets and public areas, keep your city grid up to date, up to code, and running bright with Dunning Electrical Services Inc.




Parks need bright lights for nighttime activities and safety. Upgrade your park to a modern lighting system to save on energy and keep your parks shining all night long.