Services we offer

You owe it to yourself and your budget to call us for a bid on your next commercial site. We have underground utility work and site lighting down to a science – no more surprises or disappointments. Fill out a service request form and attach any prints, plans, or schedules to get your next project done on time and on budget.

Dunning has a dedicated specialist to repair and maintain each of the following:

  • Motors
  • Controls
  • Logic systems
  • Ups systems
  • Generators
  • Transportation systems


Hospitals need regular electrical maintenance to keep people safe while they heal or receive treatment. Dunning can make sure your systems are up to date, up to code, and ready for years to come.




Schools need regular service to keep students safe and powered up for learning, Dunning can help keep your electrical needs met for your school and facility grounds. Contact us for a free quote! 


Restaurants need proper power to keep cooking day after day, Dunning can help with major electrical overhauls as well as routine maintenance.




Electricity powers the stores where we shop, the public spaces, and parking lots. Make sure your power grid is up to the challenge with a free quote from Dunning Electric!

Factory Grounds

Factories use an immense amount of power, and need continuous maintenance to keep your assembly lines humming. Need more power? We can wire you for any sized operation. 




New and vintage awnings are a sight to be seen and attract business! Keep your awning in good electrical condition with a visit from Dunning electric today.